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Blog | Youth Law 101: Rights Education Toolkit

The Education Act 1989 has recently been repealed and replaced by the Education and Training Act 2020 (see  YouthLaw is in the process of updating this page to reflect the new law. Please be aware that the law, as stated on this webpage, may not be current. If you need advice please email or call us and leave a voice-message at 0800 884 529.


YouthLaw has developed Youth Law 101: Rights Education Toolkit which is a series of interactive, short and relevant workshops for school leaders (year 13 prefects, head of house etc.) to deliver to students year 10 to year 13.  You can download content from here or contact us for the hard copy version with the video DVD.

  1. Introduction
  3. Discrimination
  4. Street Law
  5. Your Rights and Police Searches
  6. The low down on lawyers


This is the video that goes with the Toolkit.

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