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Do I get public holidays off?

Check your employment agreement to find out whether you may be required to work on a public holiday - this is dependent on your agreement.

If you work on a public holiday, you're also entitled to be paid 1.5 times your normal wage on the day.

Most employees (except for casual employees and employees who work irregular hours or are working on a day that is not their normal day of work) are also entitled to a paid day off if they work on a public holiday. This is called an alternative holiday. These public holidays are separate from and additional to annual holidays.

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What is the Youth Justice System?

When young people under the age of 17 offend or are suspected of offending, they will generally go through the Youth Justice System. The Youth Justice System makes sure that a young person is dealt with in a way that acknowledges their needs and general well-being, while ensuring they are held accountable and are encouraged to accept responsibility in a way that they can learn from their mistakes and develop socially.

90% of young offenders are kept out of courts. Minor offences are dealt with by Police Youth Aid officers through Alternative Action Plan. More serious offending is dealt with by the Ministry for Vulnerable Children Oranga Tamariki through a family group conference, and most serious offences will go through the Youth Court (or adult court).


What is bullying?

Bullying is when someone says or does things to have power over another person, making that person feel afraid, upset or uncomfortable. It is unwanted aggressive behaviour, generally repeated. It includes name calling, put downs, practical jokes, saying and writing nasty things, sexual comments, excluding or ignoring others, threats, damaging property, physical abuse and forcing others to do things which they do not want to do.

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