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Code of Ethics

  1. We are committed to the principles contained in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child 1989 and seek to apply them in our policy and practice.
  2. We will never breach the confidentiality of a child or young person and will not disclose information given to us without prior consent, unless it is information:
    1. about a proposed crime where someone may be physically injured; or
    2. needed by law or a court; or
    3. needed to defend ourselves against a child or young person’s allegations of malpractice or misconduct, or a crime.
  3. We will comply with the wish of any child or young person approaching us for advice or help to remain anonymous to third parties except where this is not possible because of ethic 2.
  4. We seek to empower children and young people and will work to ensure that they have a greater say in decisions which affect them.
  5. We will not impose our ideas and values on children and young people or their behaviour but will always be supportive and non-judgmental.
  6. We will never try to manage or control the lives of children and young people or their behaviour, but we will give relevant information and advice and will outline available options and support them in their decisions.
  7. We will not take action on behalf of a child or young person or seek to involve any other agency on their behalf without first obtaining their informed consent, except where this is not possible because of ethic 2.
  8. We will not claim to speak on behalf of children and young people generally but will encourage and assist children and young people to speak for themselves.
  9. Unless ethic 2 applies, we will not give advice or advocacy to any adult who claims to know what is best for a child or young person unless we have clear authority from the child or young person. If the child is too young or otherwise unable to give such authority, we must first be satisfied that the adult is truly acting in the child’s best interests.
  10. We will provide initial information to adults provided we are satisfied that the adult is acting in a child’s best interests.
  11. We will value and respect each child and young person regardless of age, sex, race or culture, sexual orientation, disability, beliefs, family or marital status or employment status.
  12. We as an agency are committed to ensuring consistency with te Tiriti o Waitangi.

Download our code of ethics here.

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