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Before having sex, you should consider whether you would like to use contraception to prevent the possibility of pregnancy.
It is important to investigate and understand different types of contraception.

We aren’t health professionals at YouthLaw so we aren’t in the best position to give you any medical information or contraception, however, in this section, you’ll find information on how to learn more.

What are contraceptives?

If you are having sex but do not want to get pregnant, contraceptives are a device or drug that is used to prevent pregnancy. There are many different forms of contraceptives available, including condoms and contraceptive pills, but there are a number of other options. Each of the options has varying effectiveness and side effects. Some contraceptives, like condoms, reduce the probability of pregnancy, but there is still a small probability of pregnancy, so it is important to understand your options first.

There is more information on contraceptives on the Family Planning website.

Can I get condoms and contraceptives pills?

You can buy or obtain contraceptives no matter how old you are. If you get them from a nurse, doctor, or other medical professional, they can’t tell your parents or anyone else that they gave you contraceptives, unless you give them permission to tell people.

Where can I get contraception from?

If you would like some advice, a parent, teacher, doctor, or Family Planning Clinic can give you advice about contraception. Family Planning provides free and confidential consultations for people under 22 years of age and can be contacted on their 0800 info line (0800 46365463) or

In NZ, condoms are also available on prescription. For the standard prescription fee, you can get between 3 and 12 boxes of condoms depending on where you go. This website also gives you some locations where you can get condoms for free. Otherwise, condoms are readily available at supermarkets.

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