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Leaving School

Leaving school

Not everyone is interested in attending school at a school institution, and not everyone is interested in staying at school until the end of Year 13.

This section gives you a bit of information about leaving school voluntarily before the end of Year 13. If you want more information about being kicked out of school (which is leaving school involuntarily),  please see the stand-down, suspensions, and being kicked out of school section.


When can I leave school for good?

You can choose to leave school if you are 16 or may be able to leave school at 15 if you get permission from the Ministry of Education (called an early leaving exemption). Early leaving exemptions are usually only agreed by the Ministry of Education in exceptional circumstances.

Can I choose to be home schooled instead?

Your parents or caregivers can apply to the Ministry of Education for you to be home schooled. If you and your caregiver or parent can show that you will be taught as well and as regularly at home as you would have been at school, you may be allowed to be home schooled.

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